Straight from the Source

"I would recommend HBOT to anyone. After a few treatments, it helped me feel stronger, more balanced, energetic, and a lot healthier."

Kathy B.

"My two year old son used HBOT to treat his bumps and bruises on his forehead from falling while learning to walk.  After a few visits, his bumps and bruises were completely gone. The experience with Breath02 is amazing and my family will keep using HBOT treatments."

Nikki B.

"I used HBOT to help my insomnia. After using HBOT, I was able to sleep throughout the night with increased energy. Prior to using HBOT, I was waking up every couple hours. I encourage others to try this. It is a safe and great alternative to taking drugs."

Jim H.


"This was a great experience for me and I will continue with the sessions for a long time. Lori explained what to expect and the value of the treatment. She did a wonderful job."

Carol P.

"I have no physical issues but wanted to experience the Hyperbaric chamber. The Breath02 technician was very friendly and supportive throughout. My experience was awesome. I felt great when it was over and would highly recommend."

Susanna C.

Wonderful session in their hyperbaric chamber and the results were astounding. Lori, the owner, is knowledgeable, friendly, and loaded with info about her practice. Definitely the place to go if you're contemplating the use of this procedure. Relaxed, positive, bright and modern. I loved it!

Robert R.


"Lori was very informative, professional and friendly. She explained everything to me before the procedure. All equipment was clean and sterile. The office was clean and inviting. If you are considering this treatment, this office is the place to go!"

Shirley W.

"Lori was very professional and very supportive of the process.  She gave me educational brochures and made the experience very comforting. I can't wait to go back for my next treatment tomorrow. I feel energized and enthusiastic about hyperbaric oxygen treatment."

Sharon R.

"In January, 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, PNH. Before I started HBOT therapy, my LDH readings averaged 550-580. After a few treatments of HBOT, my LDH levels decreased to 475. In addition, my RBC count increased to almost normal levels. I will continue to monitor my blood levels to report further changes and plan to continue to use HBOT as an adjunct health therapy."

Bud T.


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