Hyperbaric & Wounds

Why is Oxygen So Important For Successful Wound Healing?

Most of the core functions involved in wound healing are oxygen-dependent, so it makes sense that increasing oxygen in the body can support the wound-healing process.

There’s no one single reason that certain parts of the body become deprived of oxygen. Instead, it’s a complex problem of supply and demand. Many factors have the potential to decrease the supply of oxygen into the blood and cells, including heart disease, radiation therapy, and tissue inflammation.

It’s also possible for oxygen demand to surge in response to the body’s needs and ultimately outpace oxygen supply. Think of it as oxygen economics within the body!

How Does Oxygen Support Wound Healing?

Under normal circumstances, oxygen can only make its way through the blood within red blood cells. When red blood cells are too low or can’t circulate properly, important tissues become deprived of oxygen.

Cells that lack sufficient oxygen can’t produce the energy needed for bacterial defense, collagen synthesis, regeneration, or any other essential reparative functions. Instead, the healing process slows until it comes to a full halt. It’s not enough to simply inhale oxygen — the body needs concentrated oxygen flow to overcome its deficiencies.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy overcomes oxygen deficiencies in the body with a special hyperbaric chamber that releases concentrated and pressurized oxygen. Instead of simply applying a cream or ointment topically to address an injury, HBOT infuses the entire body with oxygen that permeates all areas of the body, even areas where circulation has become reduced or blocked.

This essential benefit of hyperbaric wound care stimulates and supports the body’s natural healing capabilities. When white blood cells receive enough oxygen, they can effectively kill bacteria, reduce swelling, and allow the rapid reproduction of new blood vessels. HBOT even enables cells to build new connective tissue and improve organ function.


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